Nylabone Dental Chew Puppy Pink (Teething / Gentle Chewing)

Nylabone SKU: NPP901P
Nylabone Dental Chew Puppy Pink (Teething / Gentle Chewing)

Nylabone Dental Chew Puppy Pink (Teething / Gentle Chewing)

Nylabone SKU: NPP901P
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Help your teething puppy learn positive chewing habits from the start with our Just for Puppies Dental Bone! Designed for tiny pups, this soft dog chew toy encourages nondestructive chewing routines while satisfying the natural urge to chew. The nubs on this chicken dental chew toy help clean teeth and prevent plaque and tartar, giving your dog a brighter, healthier smile! Go ahead and throw your puppy a Nylabone!

Chew Meter:
The puppy stage is a critical opportunity for teaching your pup good chewing habits. Puppies use their mouths to explore their surroundings, play, and especially relieve teething discomfort. Our Puppy Chews come in all different shapes, flavors, and textures to keep your new best friend comforted and entertained—from classic bone shapes to unique keys and rings! With positive reinforcement, pups will learn that chewing on Nylabone Puppy Chews is not only encouraged, but a fun pastime as they grow and develop.

- Flexible chew toy helps with puppy teething while cleaning teeth and freshening breath
- Massaging nubs on this puppy toy help soothe sore gums
- Keeps puppies busy and helps prevent destructive chewing
- Puppy chew toy made in the USA
- Mini chew toy recommended for puppies up to 15 pounds
- Flavored dog chew contains delicious chicken flavor dogs love

Helps with:
- Puppy Teething
- Stress & Anxiety
- Boredom
- Destructive Chewing

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