Nylabone FlexiChew Chicken (Flexible Chew / Moderate Chewing)

Nylabone SKU: NCF201
Nylabone FlexiChew Chicken (Flexible Chew / Moderate Chewing)

Nylabone FlexiChew Chicken (Flexible Chew / Moderate Chewing)

Nylabone SKU: NCF201
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Nylabone Moderate Chew toys are made with softer, flexible material for a gentler, more moderate chew. This dog dental chew toy features rounded nubs that gently remove plaque and tartar and massage dogs' gums as they chew. With dog-approved chicken flavor throughout, this long-lasting chew toy occupies and entertains, helping to discourage destructive chewing, curb boredom, ease stress, or simply reward your well-behaved fur friend! This soft bone for dogs comes in multiple different sizes so you can find the perfect toy for your best furry friend. This bone is not recommended for strong, aggressive chewers. Go ahead and give your dog flavor and fun with our dental chew toy!

Chew Meter:
All dogs have the natural instinct to chew—some simply have a less intense chewing style. Moderate Chew FlexiChews are the perfect fit for senior dogs or just gentler chewers who enjoy some flex and give. Made of softer, flexible material and available in many shapes and flavors, these chew toys give moderate chewers a safe, fun activity while discouraging destructive chewing. Plus, they help clean teeth while dogs chew!

- Made of flexible material for moderate chewers
- Nubs help reduce plaque and tartar as dogs chew
- Contains delicious chicken flavor throughout
- Discourages destructive chewing

Helps with:
- Training & Reward
- Weight Management
- Dental Care
- Stress & Anxiety
- Boredom
- Destructive Chewing

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