Nylabone DuraChew Wishbone (Power Chew / Extreme Chewing)

Nylabone SKU: N213P
Nylabone DuraChew Wishbone (Power Chew / Extreme Chewing)

Nylabone DuraChew Wishbone (Power Chew / Extreme Chewing)

Nylabone SKU: N213P
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Make a wish! From our complete line of Power Chew toys, this wishbone satisfies aggressive chewers who crave long-lasting entertainment. It features three easy-hold chewing ends to engage your dog and keep the fun going. Our wishbone dog toy also cleans teeth and freshens breath as dogs chew. Plus, your dog will love its one-of-a-kind original flavor. Whether you want to reward your furry friend, help them cope with separation anxiety, or prevent boredom, this durable dog toy will keep your dog engaged and promote healthy chewing habits. Best of all, it satisfies every pooch's natural instinct to chew. Go ahead and give your dog a Nylabone chew toy!

Chew Meter:
Our Power Chew DuraChews are the ultimate long-lasting activity for extreme chewers. These durable nylon chew toys are built to withstand intense chewing and come in tons of flavors, sizes, shapes, and textures, so there’s an option for every dog to enjoy. In addition to helping clean teeth as dogs chew, they provide a safe, independent activity that fights boredom, prevents destructive chewing, and keeps dogs happy!

- Dynamic wishbone shape with three chewing ends
- Promotes clean teeth and helps control plaque and tartar as dogs chew
- Tough, durable nylon stands up to aggressive chewers

Helps with:
- Training & Reward
- Weight Management
- Dental Care
- Stress & Anxiety
- Boredom
- Destructive Chewing

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